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Dame. Graffiti in Latin America

Dame from Argentina. In today’s post I’ll continue to write about Latin America. I already wrote about the Chilean and Brazilian graffiti scene, and now I present to you Dame – « the best graffiti artist in Argentina» (as Ice … Читать далее

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Albino from Germany: 3D style & characters

German graffiti by Albino I’d like to present you the German graffiti artist-painter from Leipzig, who draws under the name Albino. Why I wrote «artist-painter» but not just graffiti artist or writer? You will understand it as soon as look … Читать далее

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Mr OneTeas. French graffiti

Mr OneTeas – graffiti artist from Nice In a recent post I wrote about the French graffiti writer Zert, who is in 711 crew. And a while ago I got acquainted with the works of the creative graffiti artist from … Читать далее

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Antisa Turronas crew: graffiti photos

Antisa from the south of Chile. She is a member of the Turronas crew. Below are examples of graffiti works Antisa. Antisa с южного Чили. Состоит в команде Turronas. Ниже приведены примеры граффити работ Antisa.

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Turronas crew: graffiti women

Turronas crew. Women’s graffiti. In the world of graffiti women’s names is not so much. We are accustomed to seeing men’s tags. But today we will focus on girls. There are five girls, which founded their own women’s team Turronas … Читать далее

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LoveLetters crew: 10 graffiti writers

LoveLetters crew Let’s start with well-known crew LoveLetters. As they say, this crew was founded at the end of 2006 in Sittard, a city in the south of Holland. The crew is a creative collective of ten European writers from … Читать далее

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